City Patterns

They said on the radio that Wellington was having a beautiful morning. It doesn’t always happen that way, so I decided to have a trip into town with the camera. Nice to take the hour-long trip  when the rush hour is over and the scenery can be enjoyed at leisure.

I found myself looking for patterns – designs – contrasts. The railway station itself has a beautifully ornamented ceiling with a large lantern.(Probably unnoticed by frantic commuters?). Later I found a café which seems to specialise in not dissimilar light sources.

Looking upwards can often produce rewards in a city. A skylight was covered by a pattern of dead leaves. Looking down, new areas of pavement proved rich in possibilities. The contrast of tree shadows compensated for the starkness of new pavement patterns. A crane fitted in with overhead wires and the angular outline  of buildings. The struts of a verandah made a picture on their own.


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