Some Abbeys and Cathedrals

Three contrasting  examples of ecclesiastical architecture. Whiteabbey is a fine sample of mediaeval structures, with its many early arches. It is also an illustration of how ruins can often have more aesthetic appeal than complete structures.

Westminster Abbey probably replaced a building similar in style to Whiteabbey. An enormous structure by comparison, I felt a more detailed corner would do more justice to the structure than an attempt to “get it all in”.

Christchurch Cathedral is of course a much later structure – a good example of Victorian “Gothic”. It is also an example of the precept for all photographers:- “If it looks interesting, record it – it may not be there tomorrow”. This building, together with much of the city was destroyed in an earthquake about five years ago. So I am glad I took the opportunity when passing. Even if earthquakes never (?) happen where you are, there are always the planners, the property developers, the “improvers”.


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