Dunluce Castle

Standing on a cliff-top on the stormy north coast of Antrim in Ireland, not far from the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle is hard to miss. Built by the MacQuillan clan around 1500, Dunluce has passed through all the expected “ups and downs” of such strong points.

Perhaps the most memorable was the night when, as rumour hath it, the guests in the great hall, wondering why their dinner was late, went to investigate and found the kitchens were now at the bottom of the cliff. Archaeologists have disputed this and say the kitchen wing is still intact. (Archaeologists do tend to be spoil-sports when it comes to a good yarn!) Anyway the owners would have replaced them soon after.

This whole stormy coast, from which the Scottish mountains and beaches can be clearly seen, is served by the Antrim Coast Road, often meandering at the bottom of the cliffs .Not far from Dunluce the Spanish galleon Gerona was discovered, yielding quantities of gold and silver coinage and jewels, sported by the wealthy Spanish noblemen on their way to the conquest of England in 1588. (Belfast Museum has a fine display of these).


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