Paris St Chapelle

This gem, not known to all, is tucked into the Paris version of the Kremlin, a block of government buildings, some going back to the Middle Ages, not far from Notre Dame. It includes the notorious Conciergerie Palace and Prison, so famed during The Terror,as well as the more modern (but equally terrifying if you  get on the wrong side of the law) Palais de Justice.( Some one out there may associate that building with Inspector Maigret of TV fame).

The Sainte Chapelle is a welcome relief. Constructed in the 13th. century under the auspices of King Louis IX – leader of a rather disastrous Crusade (Weren’t they all?) The sheer beauty of the Gothic stonework is surpassed by the stained glass which seems, rather than the stonework, to be the main structure. My camera and photographic skills retired defeated before the sea of colour. Go and see for yourself.


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