Calm Before the Storm




    • belshade

      Hi Akwelle,
      Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.. It is good to know that something which gives me pleasure is also enjoyed by others. My tastes in photography range from landscapes, through architecture, to close-up still-life, and have evolved over many years. I am interested in people and in their environment, but can’t get away from the feeling that in photographing them I am intruding somehow! Until recently I was a B&W photographer with my own darkroom. In recent times I have had to compromise with digital because of eyesight problems, but am enjoying the challenge of the new medium which enables me to go on taking pictures and recreating negatives from the past.
      Congratulations on your own unique style of picture making which I much enjoy. Des.

      • Akwelle Vallis

        Wow… You made my day! Thank you. I did wonder about what it’s like for you to photograph strangers. Ultimately I think you are artistically documenting ways of being in this fascinating “modern” world. So very interesting to see! Sorry to hear about your eyesight problems. Thankfully you’ve found a way to continue doing something which obviously brings you and your fans great joy.
        Take care,

        PS: I think your black and white photos are awesome but you must admit your color photography is something special. In the end, everything always seems to work out. Oh, when you have a chance please look at my twin sister’s blog: She takes some pretty great pictures too. She started the blog after our mother’s stroke and it has evolved as our mother continues in her recovery. Anyway I’m so pleased to have “virtually” met you!

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