Not a Pretty Picture!

We do spend so much time and energy achieving a “nice” photograph – well composed, well lit, aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps this one is a reaction to all that. I was visiting a region in Ireland where I had spent my early years in between sojourns in New Zealand. Very pretty countryside, but on this return trip I had no option but to photograph it “warts and all”.

The rain was coming down in buckets – so nostalgic. The former neighbour’s farmhouse was still there, as usual dwarfed by farm buildings. A former mixed farm, now a dairy farm by order of Brussels – roll on BREXIT.

I stood in th middle of the road and shot the scene as it was – telegraph pole dead in the centre, puddles, dripping bare branches, all-over grey. The camera was loaded with colour transparency film – totally inappropriate , so post-processing was needed to B&W.

Perhaps we should move away from the pretty-pretty more often.



  1. enmanscamera

    However…I like the mood. There is a visual discussion for anyone that takes a moment to think about that soggy country lane. Oh, an I am glad you converted to B&W. Colours would have detracted from the doldrums of that wet day.

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