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Rugged Hills



The much-restored Stone-Age structure of Grianan in Donegal on the North coast of Ireland is a massive reminder of Iron Age culture. Its origins are however said to go back much  further into the 3000 BC Neolithic era, with concentric ring ditches, now only visible to the trained eye, encircling the later stone structure. Although not much higher than a couple of hundred metres above Lough Swilly, it has outstanding views over the ancient province of Ulster(between showers), and would have made a great observation point for key positions of sun, moon, and stars in the Megalithic era. The two photos give two aspects of the 2000+ years-old stone fort. The first shows Grianan from a little distance, with in the foreground a cross marking the ancient well, still containing water from a natural spring. It would of course have been there long before Christianity. The second shot shows contrasting aspects Рchildren from near-by Derry City  school on a school trip having a break on the ramparts of the ancient stronghold. The thick drystone walls are honeycombed with low passages Рperhaps for storage of food during a siege?